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Sandy Upper School

2016 GCSE exam results

The Government School League Tables for Secondary Schools have been published and show the excellent achievements and progress that Sandy Upper School has made in the last year. The school has a Progress 8 score of +0.49 which is significantly above national average and places the school in the top 10% of all schools nationally. Based on the figures published on the website the school is actually in the top 3% of all secondary school nationally. No other school in Central Bedfordshire has made the top 30% of schools on this measure. We are particularly pleased with this result as the Progress 8 score takes into account all the students in the cohort and is a reflection of how well all students have achieved in their time with us. A Progress 8 score of +0.49 indicates that the students have performed half a grade above other similar students nationally in all their courses, an alternative way to look at this is that they are 1 grade above students nationally in half of their subjects. When comparing ourselves to similar schools we top the ranking of schools and are the most successful school with similar students. The students Attainment 8 score is 54.5 compared to a national average of 49.50. This equates to an Attainment 8 grade of C for students at Sandy Upper School compared to a D+ for students nationally, again indicating that on average the students here are performing half a grade better than the national average across all subjects.

In the other major measures we remain the most successful school in Central Bedfordshire with a higher percentage of students gaining EBACC (English, Mathematics, 2 Sciences, Geography or History and French or Spanish) than any other school, with 32% achieving this measure compared to a national figure of 24%. The percentage of students achieving A*-C in English & Mathematics at 83% is the joint highest but we are the only school where all students achieving English and Mathematics left with at least 5 GCSEs at grades C or better.

Further information about the examination results and destination information can be found on the The Schools League Tables Website.

The School League Tables Website:

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