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Sandy Upper School hits new heights and gains two national awards from the SSAT

Sandy Upper School continues to go from strength to strength, with its continued focus on improving young people’s life chances. It has, for the third year running, gained the best GCSE outcomes in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough with 83% 5 A*-Cs at GCSE including English and Maths and a Progress 8 figure of +0.49, which is the Government’s new measure of judging how schools add value to their students. The national average being 0, a score below 0 would imply the school is adding very little value to their students and a score from +0.1 to 1 is significant, which implies the school is adding much more value to their students from Key Stage 2 to 4. In Sandy’s case the school is adding at least half a grade on average, or more, value to students target grades from Key Stage 2 to 4.

The school gained notification this week that it was being recognised by the SSAT (The Schools, Students and Teachers Network) in its annual Educational Outcomes Awards for 2016. The SSAT combines three official DfE and Ofsted sources to provide key contextual and performance data on every state school in the country. It then uses this data to identify recipients of its Annual Educational Outcomes Awards. This year it is awarding Sandy Upper School TWO awards. The first for being in the top 20% of non-selective schools for attainment and the second for being in the top 10% for progress.

The School’s SSAT Educational Outcomes Awards will be presented at a regional celebration event held later in the term to draw attention to the work of high achieving, improving and innovating schools and teachers. Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT, said ‘It’s my great pleasure to commend Sandy Upper School on their excellent 2016 performance, and to have the opportunity to highlight and share their work at an SSAT Educational Outcomes celebration event. We know how hard teachers work to ensure the success of every child. SSAT’s Educational Outcome Awards recognise the professionalism, commitment and hard work of the leaders, teachers and students at Sandy Upper School. A big thank you and well done to the pupils, staff and Governors’.

Miss Karen Hayward, Principal, stated ‘these are wonderful awards to receive and they recognise all the hard work the students and staff have put in over the years. What we do here is not for the awards, more importantly, we do what we do for the students so that they can go on and fulfil their dreams and ambitions and create a life for themselves. I am extremely proud of all my students and staff, and I know they always give 100% and try their best, that is all I or anyone else can ask. It is a real pleasure to be the Principal and we will all celebrate these awards. I must also thank all the parents and guardians for their continued support, as well as the Governing Body of the school, as we are a team and without such team work, the results we achieve would not be possible’.

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