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Course Title: A Level Biology
Syllabus Code: 7401, 7402
Exam Board: AQA Web link

Year 1 Term1

All content is taught by 2 teachers simultaneously, meaning students will be studying 2 topics per term concurrently, and tested on both topics at regular intervals. Relevant, regular practical sessions will assess student’s ability to conduct experiments, leading to a practical endorsement upon successful completion. All 8 subject content titles from the specification are listed below in bold in the order they will be taught (further details of each can be found in the specification found through the web link):

  • Biological Molecules
  • Cells

Year 1 Term2

  • Organisms Exchange Substances with Their Environments
  • Genetic Information, Variation and Relationships Between Organisms

Year 1 Term3

  • Revision and recap of the course in preparation for AS mock exams/A2 suitability exams

A2 content will begin to be taught towards the end of the term, starting with:

  • Energy Transfers in an Between Organisms
  • Genetics, Populations, Evolution and Ecosystems

Year 2 Term1

  • Completing A level only topics started in term 3 (see above)
  • Organisms Respond to Changes in Their Internal and External Environments
  • The Control of Gene Expression

Year 2 Term2

  • The aim is to have all content completed by February half term – this provides plenty of opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge and further embed what they have learnt over the two years, in preparation for their exams in term 3.
  • Revision of all topics
  • Focus on exam technique
  • Focus on essay skills in preparation for paper 3

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