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Core PE

Course Title: Core Physical Education
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Year 9

  • All students are baselined into set groups, using a range of different sports and activities, to fully assess their range of sporting competencies.
  • Baseline assessments are used to help measure student progress made over each academic year.
  • Students begin being taught in specific groups. Range of activities to include 1 indoor sport and 1 outdoor sport per fortnight.
  • Students also offered the opportunity to develop their range of skills through extra-curricular clubs and fixtures.

Year 10

  • As students move into Key Stage 4, the emphasis changes from a skills-based approach to a concept-based approach.
  • Many lessons are taught with a Games-for-Understanding approach; looking at building decision making skills in pressurised competitive situations.
  • Students also offered the opportunity to develop their skills through leadership programmes.

Year 11

  • As students approach the end of Key Stage 4, we place great emphasis on their decision making skills and tactical understanding of sports/activities.
  • Students are encouraged to undertake different roles within the lesson framework: skills coach, referee/umpire and fitness coach.
  • The range of activities remains the same, with 1 indoor and 1 outdoor lesson per week for most groups.

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