Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief
Sandy Upper School

Sixth Form Applications

The key documents for application to the sixth form are listed below. These are the curriculum booklet which gives an overview of the sixth form and the curriculum on offer. The other documents are the application forms, there is a different application form for the Level 3 and Level 2 courses. The process will then involve an interview in January with an opportunity to reconsider their choices before a second interview takes place in March with a offer letter issued in April. Students will have an induction week at the end of June/ start of July during which they will have the chance to undertake a taster lesson in their chosen subjects. Students will then formally enrol in September and will undertake a week of activities to prepare them for life in the sixth form.

There are two pathways on offer:

Level 3 Pathway is the traditional A Level and Level 3 BTEC courses.

Level 2 Pathway is for those students not yet ready for level 3 courses, college or an apprenticeship. This pathway enables students to gain further level 2 qualification in preparation for their next steps.

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