Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief
Sandy Upper School

Change to Year 8 Parents Evening

The date of the year 8 parents evening has been changed from Thursday 21st March to Thursday 13th June. This change has been made for the following reasons

  1. This will allow for a final review of the progress the students have made in Key Stage 3, whilst discussing the next steps to be taken as they prepare for their GCSE studies in year 9.
  2. There is an option evening for the students in year 8 and their parents on Thursday 25th April. This is a chance to look at what subjects are available for next year and discuss with subject staff the suitability of the course to the student.
  3. To disperse the times at which parents of year 8 students are invited in to have the opportunity to discuss with subject staff future courses and current progress.

    The students will receive their termly grade sheets as normal with these being issued in the weeks beginning 18th March and 10th June.

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